Polar bears could be in danger by 2025 due to Global warming

¿Who we are?

Today, most institutions and governmental organizations, don’t have a very clear use of his resources to attend high priority causes of the environmental problems in the world.

Blockchain donation system technology gives to the people the transparency, control, and decisions about where they spend his donations, his resources, and his money when they just decide to donate for specific causes like the polar bear’s problems.

Blockchain gives to the user the absolute control in a shared vote web system, designed to give to the community the real control of where the money needs to be injected.

At a based blockchain model technology polar bear coin wants to be the first token used in a real financial problem in the donations for environmental causes relative to the Global warming and environmental problems with a specific priority in the polar bears


As an idea, the decentralization gives to the people a real power in his financial decisions included, donations for real problems.

Blockchain decentralized based system gives to the user a real free experience of where his resources going to be used and by who.

An effective way to send money faster as a real financial solution to high priority environmental problems with safety and transparency of his use.

Polar bear Coin can be used in an everyday transaction to make payments and for being exchanged by another blockchain off the ecosystem coins, with low fees per transaction, you can make payments and send money to everyone.

When you’re using polar bear coin you’re giving popularity to our project as a way to increase the worries about environmental problems, and specific the problem with polar bears

But the real and specific destination of this project it’s wanted to be a real clearly transparent platform where the resources for donations in environmental problems going to be easily traceable and easily voted by the community about where and how we need to used the resources as we said with particular priority in the rescue and attention of polar bears.

Our Guidelines

Today most of blockchain coins and tokens, are just worried about his value they need just to be bigger and have more money, instead of this we were not using the development on this coin for speculation, were trying to make a difference in the world.
We're just trying to use blockchain to attending the real problems in the world, not for speculationn
Blockchain decentralized based system gives the user a real free experience of where his resources going to be used and by who.

Polar bears could be sliding towards extinction faster than previously feared, with the animals facing an increasing struggle to find enough food to survive as climate change steadily transforms their environment.

We strongly need your help to make possible this new project that we were working on it.

If you want to participate just send us an email to admin@polarbearcoin.com

We need at least the first $500 USD to make our first ECR20 tokens and start the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) this travel into a decentralized donation system that is really worried about environmental causes and polar bears.

We are accepting donations from Bitcoin, and Ethereum for now. to the addresses that appear below. 

BITCOIN DONATIONS: 32ASpj7wr9Twct52XGzyqMfsuCganLvmpD


ETHEREUM DONATIONS: 0xbb999347aa4b917e91117514ab80306d53cac018

With your help, we can do this for real.

If you are interested in our project and you can help in others ways, just send us a message and tell us how you can help us.

Thanks for your help!